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:: CCLA ::
:: CCLA ::
Circular Instructions Regarding General Transfers
RASHTRIYA EKTA DIWAS to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL
Status of Dy.Collectors called for Reg.
Notices issued to the affected persons on the Notional Seniority proposed to give to Smt. T.K. Ramamani, S.G.D.C., Calling for objections if any Within 20 days
Revision of seniority in the cadre of PDTs as per merit
Deputation of Tahsildars/Deputy Tahsildars Calling for Willingness
Commissioner Appeals progs.in P1.377.2007
Obtain and Furnish the Personal Mobile Numbers of the DC/SGDC under control of the District Administration for options in the Reorganisation Portal by the individuals
Commissioner Appeals Progs. in P2.292.2005
Commissioner Appeals Progs. in P2.1103.2007
Commissioner Appeals Progs. in P2.1104.2007
Commissioner Appeals Progs. in P1.800.2008
Commissioner Appeals Progs. in P1.1578.2002
Commissioner Appeals Progs. in P1.801.2008
Commissioner Appeals progs. in P1.801.2008
Commr. Appeals Prcdgs No. P1.959.2008, dt. 04.02.2015
Minutes of Meeting of Video Conference dated 17.03.2015
Proceedings of Commissioner Appeals in P1/979/12
CCLAâ??s PROCEEDINGS No. V1/275/2010 , Dt: 09.04.2015
Provisional Pension
Andhra Pradesh Single Desk Policy 2015
Notice CCLA Ref.No.p1/849/2008 & batch cases p1/311/2011
Notice CCLA Ref.No.p1/90/2006
Notice CCLA Ref.No.p1/695/2002.
Notice CCLAs Ref.No.V1/87/2012
Notice CCLA Ref.No.V1/67/2012
Notice CCLA Ref.No.V1/429/2009.
Notice CCLA Ref.No.V1/331/2006
Notice CCLAs Ref.No.V1/272/2013
CCLAs Notice No. BCW2/570/2010
CCLAs Notice No. BCW2/109/2011
Notice CCLA Ref.No.P2/923/2008.
Notice CCLA Ref.No.P2/31/2012..
Notice CCLA Ref.No.P2/89/2015..
CCLAs Notice No. BCW2/471/2012.
CCLAs Notice No. BCW2/521/2010.
CCLAs Notice No. BCW3/147/2011.
CCLAs Notice No. BCW1/75/2009
CCLAs Notice No. BCW2/202/2010.
CCLAs Notice No. BCW5/441/2004.
CCLAs Notice No. BCW2/398/2005
CCLAs Notice No. BCW2/100/2015
Office Inspection proforma District Level/Division Level/Mandal
Land Conversion under Single Desk Policy
Conversion of Agricultural to Non - Agricultural purposes Single Desk policy
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